Strengthen your brand by telling your story through customized imagery.




I love food, and I love photography. How could I not combine the two? If your business is a restaurant of a coffee shop, I got you covered! I might just stay over for lunch afterwards...


I create lifestyle photography for editorial use. Whether for advertising online, in magazines or simply for your blog, I will create images that beautifully reflect your brand. 


Product photography

I will help you showcase your product in its best light, for your use on your website, e-commerce sites, marketing pieces or social media.

I have been working with local businesses in Northern Virginia for several years. My studio is based in Sterling, but I will travel to your business and set up shoots on location. I also work remote with out of state businesses. Simply send me your products by USPS, and I will create pictures that you can download directly from a secure page on our website! Contact me for more information.

It takes a food lover to take good food photography


I just love food. It's in my blood (I am French after all). I traveled the globe and sampled a lot of different food and I learned to love it before I learned to shoot it. I will let you do what you do best (cook it - I am not that great at it), but you can count on me to make it look amazing. 



I want to free you from bad stock photography.


Every website needs some lifestyle images. It helps the customer understand what your brand is about, and it conveys the values of your business. You can use the same stock photography everyone else is using, or you can hire me to create beautiful imagery that expresses your brand personality and what makes you special. You can then use those images on your website, for advertising, or on your blog and social media. It is a great way to differentiate your business and express your company culture.



White background or in situation shots for your products


Whether on your website or on e-commerce sites, product pictures are often the first impression your potential customers will have of your products. Your images need to be crisp and clean while showcasing all the great features your product has to offer. I shoot white background images, in situation shots and details pictures for a great first impression. I have been working with online retailers for several years and I know how to make your product look amazing, so let me help!



Authentic Travel Photography


I spent 8 years working and traveling through Asia and Australia. I also do travel photography - traveling is my first passion, and what inspired me to pick up my camera and take snapshots of all the places my travels took me to. As I researched and learned, my snapshots became images and I became more and more passionate about photography until I started my photography business. I would love to pick-up my suitcase again and go shoot your next safari, scuba-diving trip or those new offices you are just about to open across the world. Heck, I might even be able to help with some of the translation...