Hi, I am Fanette Rickert

My name is Fanette, I am a French photographer based in Sterling, Virginia.

I picked up my first camera before a one-year round the world trip which turned into a 16 year adventure through South East Asia, Europe and the United States. I explored several careers (underwater videographer, scuba diving instructor, graphic designer) before discovering my true passion for food and product photography.

As a photographer, I love creating bold and lively scenes that tell stories of long summertime lunches between friends, or more minimalist images of sustainable cosmetic products that encourage self-care, and many other things in between.

Whether I’m working on my own in my studio or as a part of a talented team, I love the creation process from concept to styling and editing and I strive to bring my clients’ vision to life, adding my personal touch of European flair and a little quirkiness.

I have worked on a variety of projects with amazing brands like Bright Farms, Adagio Teas, EcoTools or Vaseline. If you would like to learn how to work with me, please click here.



"Fanette has a natural gift for product & lifestyle photography. Her skills represent the gold standard for this industry: making the product the hero, evangelizing brand's guardrails, and knowing how to tell a story with a photo. Whether you're in brand management for a Fortune 100 company or an entrepreneur that's just getting started, Fanette can be a powerful asset for bringing your brand and products to life."

—Matt - Bright Farms